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Daily Digest | Obama's Online Town Hall: One Small Step for a President?

BY Editors | Thursday, March 26 2009

  • "Open for Questions" "The Obama technological and organizational dynamo," writes the Washington Times' Jon Ward, "is beginning to hit its stride." We've got a few posts on today's "Open for Questions" including Nancy's post on making sense of it all, Micah's post on all the top questions, and our liveblog conversation of the entire event. Read more.
  • GSA Clears Path for Government Web 2.0 Use The General Services Administration (basically, the responsible party when it comes to the operation of the federal government) has signed significant new custom terms-of-service agreements that end the days of social media services Flickr, YouTube, and Blip.TV being forbidden fruit in the online government garden. Read more.
  • Twitter is NOT a Strategy Colin Delany writes "The Twitter fixation currently sweeping segments the news media and the political world (particularly on the Republican side) reminds me of those innocent days of the early web. Not to put Twitter down, because it definitely has valuable uses, but it's just a tool -- and if you don't know WHY you're using it, you're probably not going to get much out of it." Read more.
  • Organizing for America Takes to Cable TV The Democratic National Committee's Organizing for America wing -- what we all know as the evolution of Obama for America, fueled by the campaign's 13-million member email list -- is taking to the airwaves in a new TV ad. The stated target? Not obstinate congresspeople opposed to the president's budget, but potential grassroots supporters. Read more.
  • Community COUNTS Launches "Ask Congress" David Colarusso suggested two years ago that politicians should embrace a new town hall format. The idea was that the Internet and user-ranked questions would help leverage a community's voice and provide real insight into the minds of constituents. He's proud to see how far we've come with the President's Internet Town Hall and today he'd like to extend this format to every member of Congress by announcing the launch of communityCOUNTS' National Town Hall. Afterall, today was only the beginning. Read more.