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Daily Digest: McCain NewsHunt Keeps Watch of the Watchers

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, June 3 2008

The Web on the Candidates

  • Off the Bus, a project of the Huffington Post and NewAssignment.Net, has just announced the McCain NewsHunt -- think Digg for reporting around the John McCain campaign, and you're pretty close. It’s a partnership with NewsTrust, an effort under the guidance of online luminaries like Craigslist's Craig Newmark and Howard Rheingold which takes a social approach to holding media accountable for what it puts out in the world. OTB's Amanda Michel reports that 400 or so users have begun rating stories.

  • Yesterday we raised the idea of a growing techroots. Today Jose Vargas profiles David Kralik, Newt Gingrich's man in Silicon Valley charged with tapping in to the wisdom of the tech world in search of political solutions. (Kralik is a DC transplant, but the brain flow works both ways: Google's Eric Schmidt also somewhat quietly serves as chair of Washington's non-partisan New America Foundation.)

  • A diary on The Next Right takes a look at the political media a certain slice of the online right regularly consumes -- online and off -- from Slate to Slashdot to Brit Hume’s Special Report.

  • Over on the progressive site Future Majority, they’re discussing a new peer-to-peer vote pledge effort that relies heavily on online social tools. Some in the Young Dem world aren’t sold, but FM’s Mike Connery explains the pledges are "really just the entry point to a whole series of 'touches' -- via text message, facebook, phone calls, and door knocks."

  • Elsewhere on the web: While much of the world is ready to do a post mortem on the Hillary Clinton campaign,, a site set up to do just that, is reporting via press release a surge in users leaning 2-to-1 her way. And from the team behind the public radio show Marketplace, Budget Hero is Sim City for the appropriations geek. (After you try your hand, join the discussion on the Freakonomics blog.)

  • If you're in New York or can get there by 6 p.m. tomorrow, there's going to be an Internet Week NY-related session on participatory democracy at NYU Law School that will feature several friends of PdF/TechPresident, including Zephyr Teachout, Jay Rosen, Allison Fine, and Andrew Rasiej.

The Candidates on the Web

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