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Daily Digest | A Look Back at Gov 2.0 Camp

BY Editors | Monday, March 30 2009

  • They Came, They Shared, They Went to the Bar: A Look Back at Gov 2.0 Camp "It's like a Woodstock for the 21st century," said one camper. Nancy has recaps from Gov 2.0 Camp from this past weekend. Also, a few folks from the White House new media team trekked uptown to the Duke Ellington School of the Arts to discuss rebooting government, and the conversation they started is slated to continue on Twitter around the #askWH hashtag. Read more.
  • Gov2.0 Camp is Over, but Something Else is Starting Matthew Burton has his take on Gov 2.0 Camp. He says the days of two disparate communities, one trying to make politics cleaner, the other being government, trying to catch up, are over. For him, the takeaway from this weekend is that the government is now in the company of those that can help them, and geeks have met some customers with problems worth solving. Read more.
  • Apps for America Draws to a Close, With a Look at Some Entrants Tomorrow marks the final day for submissions into the Sunlight Foundation's Apps for America contest. There are about a dozen apps submitted thus far, and the prize money is not insubstantial (not to mention the glory and the invaluable sense of having put your programming chops to use on behalf of your country and fellow citizens). Let's have a quick look at some of the apps in the running. Read more.
  • Broadband is Life-Changing: Burlington VT's Telecare for Rural Health Project Micah is at the annual Freedom-to-Connect conference where the over-riding topic this year seems to be "connectivity as the killer app." He summarizes a great example of a project that shows, beautifully, the power and potential of universal, home-based, connectivity, an exercise class for seniors who have fallen or have a fear of falling. Read more.
  • Open For Questions Needs MORE Pot Smokers! Matthew Burton also shares his thoughts on the marijuana questions not addressed during last week's "Open For Questions." He writes "'The marijuana people' did not 'game' the system. They didn't 'sabotage' it... They played fair." Read more.
  • From the White House to the Next Open for Questions Ari Melber has three ideas for the next "Open for Questions." Like Burton, he believes Obama hit the wrong tone by not giving the pot question a serious answer on par with other citizen queries. What else should happen? Read more.
  • HHS Delivers Activist Pitch on Reform A reminder that Obama-style online advocacy isn't likely to begin and end with the White House: the Department of Health and Human Services is this morning emailing people who signed up through the new what sounds for all the world like an advocacy organization's pitch. The asks: (1) read their new report on the fierce urgency of comprehensive health care reform, and (2) forward it on to friends. We've got the full e-mail. Read more.
  • The Always-On Executive The White House's new live-streaming channel at launches. Though it might not compete with cable news, it might prove to be one measure of transparency that helps boost trust that the president is doing his job, both when we're watching and when we're not. Read more.