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Daily Digest | Legislation 2.0.2 Starting to Gain Momentum

BY Editors | Friday, March 20 2009

  • Legislation 2.0.2 Starting to Gain Momentum Something is taking hold, something we'll call "Legislation 2.0.2." First Rep. Mike Honda called for input on redesigning his website and opening up the relationship between citizens and their representatives. Now Senate Claire McCaskill (look, she's on Tumblr!) is asking the public for input on how to do a better job with government contracting oversight, as part of her job as chair of the Subcommittee on Contracting Oversight. Her staff is using Google Moderator (the same tool used by the Obama transition team on for their "Open for Questions" process) to solicit and sort the committee's priorities. Read more.
  • Is the "Daily Me" a Reality or a Myth? Micah asks: is New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof on to something when he writes, "...We generally don’t truly want good information — but rather information that confirms our prejudices. We may believe intellectually in the clash of opinions, but in practice we like to embed ourselves in the reassuring womb of an echo chamber"? Micah has some problems with Kristof's argument and the intellectual leaps he makes in a recent column. Read more.
  •, a clearinghouse for civic hackers Matthew Burton writes that Josh Tauberer, the creator of, just launched, a clearinghouse for all information related to the political-gov-techno reform movement: He's got information on raw data, a feed of every relevant blog (you can add your own), and a list of all the mailing lists, chat rooms, and other related community tools out there. Check it out. Read more.
  • PdF Network Podcasts: Gina Bianchini, If you missed yesterday's PdF Network call with Gina Bianchini, co-Founder of, you can download it here. We'll be archiving PdF Network calls as podcasts, for future reference. But to join in the discussion and ask questions you have to first join the PdF Network. Read more.