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Daily Digest | Kundra to Be Named to Muscular U.S. CIO Post

BY Editors | Thursday, March 5 2009

  • Report: Kundra to Be Named to Muscular U.S. CIO Post Washington Post tech reporter Kim Hart, whose piece on Vivek Kundra is probably the defining profile of the former DC CTO, has brought us the latest: Kundra will be appointed by President Obama to the newly-created position of federal Chief Information Officer. Get the full analysis. Read more.

  • What to expect from Vivek Kundra W. David Stephenson suggests a few areas where Vivek Kundra's past indicates some of the priorities he'll probably stress in his new post, based on the frequent conversations he's had regarding a book that they were co-authoring, "Democratizing Data." Read more.

  • Learning from Obama's Campaign Structure: How to Organize for Success Part Two of a six-part series, cross-posted on e.politics Read more.

  • Driving the Government Data Standards Train Development Seed's Ian Cairnes has good rundown over at the Center for American Progress' Science Progress about what good government data empowers citizens to create, using DC's Apps for Democracy contest as a case study. Well worth a read. Read more.

  • "A 50-Megaton Warhead That's Been Dropped on Conservative Washington" The Next Right's Patrick Ruffini is warning conservative allies about the coming press-pocalypse. Using Bobby Jindal as a model, Ruffini traces attempts to "delegitimize and destroy up-and-coming Republicans" as they resonated through Daily Kos to Keith Olbermann to Talking Points Memo to Politico to the general political consciousness. Oh, he's not upset about it. He wants it. Read more.

  • Branding the Recovery You might have noticed that is sporting a new logo. If the goal is to brand the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act as a unified national project as the billions in funds spider out through federal agencies, there are signs it's working -- is already kicking the new design. The Wall Street Journal's Phil Izzo is cautious about the depression-era connotations and the Tampa Bay Tribune quotes one New York artist's bashing the design as "ridiculous, quite frankly." But Obama seems to like it... Read more.