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Daily Digest: The Dawn of Day One

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, January 20 2009

As we prepare for today's inauguration festivities, we're presented an abbreviated Daily Digest. We'll be back in full force tomorrow.

In Case You Missed It...

MeetUp, reports Nancy Scola, will be handing out half a million name tags to the crowds assembled for the inauguration, in a bid to sell folks on the appeal of community organizing (and their services). Nancy also notes that at 26-minutes, Tim Kaine's first video address is heavy lifting for viewers. And, finally, Nancy spotlights the final top ten ideas in's Ideas for Change in America.

Micah Sifry reports on the news that the next iteration of the Obama operation will be called "Organizing for America" and will, it seems, find a home at the DNC.

Matt Burton says that the biggest issue in tech policy we're not talking about is cybersecurity. Thankfully, Matt points us to some resources.

And Tom Watson reports on PopRule, a brand new "politics-saturated Digg" that puts the focus on the local.

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