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Daily Digest: 6/22/07

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, June 22 2007

The Web on the Candidates

  • Todd Zeigler at the Bivings Report articulates a strategy I've been trying to find the words for: he calls Ron Paul's dependence on third-party sites for campaign video, campaign news, scheduling, photo sharing, and social networking "distributed online campaigning." "His website is basically a mashup of all this stuff, with only a few core functions being performed by the website itself," Zeigler writes. "Obviously, as a long shot candidate with a limited budget, the use of these free tools is done out of necessity. But the strategy here is also very sound: by not giving supporters much to do on his own site he maximizes the amount of noise they make in other venues. It is the perfect approach for an insurgent candidate like Paul."

The Candidates on the Web

  • Last night John Edwards supporters received a text message asking them to reply to the message to receive a special call from Edwards. According to Michael Falcone at the Caucus, in the pre-recorded call Edwards asked for money: "I’m calling to remind you that with just over a week before the end of the quarter the time to act is now. I’m not asking you to help us out-raise everyone else. I’m only asking you for what we need to get our message of real change out to voters in Iowa, New Hampshire, and other key states nationwide." The mobile fundraising push is part of a strategy to raise $9 million by the end of the second quarter -- a goal that, as Falcone points out, is "still likely to leave the candidate well behind rivals Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama, who are both expected to raise far more than that."
  • As we reported this morning, Barack Obama launched a mobile service yesterday. The campaign is offering custom-made Obama ringtones, which consist of snippets from his speeches set over beats or just someone rapping "Go go go Obama" over a hip-hop beat. My favorite: Barack says "Hi everybody, this is Barack Obama... We can have universal healthcare in this country! We can do that!" over a slinky electro-beat. Check them out for some Friday ring tone fun.

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