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Creepy... I'm Sorry, But it's Just Creepy

BY Alan Rosenblatt | Wednesday, April 9 2008

I just watched the new McCain girls video, "Here Comes McCain Again" and I am totally creeped out. Aside from the fact that they have butchered one of my favorite songs, the goth motif is really spooky. And the scene with McCain looking in through the window... call the cops! We got a peeping John.

Despite the 84,000+ views, I can't help but to wonder, how many people are watching it 2 or 3 times in disbelief? Does this help McCain? I don't know. Does it disturb me? Yes.

I don't want to minimize the effort and the initiative of the McCain Girls, nor do i want to discourage anyone from jumping into the YouTube arena, but I crave lyrics that rhyme, even if there is no substance.