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Conservative Women Bloggers: Looking beyond Malkin and

BY Morra Aarons-Mele | Friday, September 14 2007

I'm cross-posting two posts from, both of which highlight Conservative womens' blogs.

My Republican co-editor Dana Tuske started out with this mission: "Since so many Republican bloggers are men, my idea became a quest for female conserva-bloggers."

Her finds range from the lame and venal:

Raven of And Rightly So! tells us, "I used to be a liberal (cough) (choke) (gag me) but saw them for who they really are after September, 11 2001 (limp dicked wussbags). I consider myself to be a conservative who leans a little to the far right."

to the forthright, from MediaLizzy, who also has a great podcast on her site:

When it comes right down to it, the RNC and the California GOP are suffering from the same thing: repeated hijackings by liberals posing as loyal Republicans. I don't see the attraction, as there is a thriving party in California eager to embrace more liberals. This same party is guilty of having run the state into the ground. I ask the liberal "Republicans" to expend your energy in the other party. You are the ones creating the voter apathy among conservatives. Why should they vote for you when you smell just like a Democrat?

Here is my post:

Today I want to write about Red State Women- even the ones who don’t live in Red States. One of the saddest things about the Petraeus hearings has been the complete, nasty, partisanship of it all. Discussion about the War is not about reality, or a hopeful resolution. It’s bickering. I find it hard not to be angry with those in my rival political party, every single member.

Perhaps as a hint that I need to grow up and expand my vantage point, Denise just sent me a big list of Conservative and libertarian leaning women bloggers to read. I am very biased about who Republican women might be. I'm a Northeastern liberal; I tend to assume they aren’t in my midst. My time at Harvard (where I am a grad student), ironically enough, is altering this perception. Guess what: there are Republican women around me (even in Massachusetts), and some even care about child care, good health care for all, and a sensible resolution for Iraq.

And then there are the young Republican women online. I have a lot of respect for them. Sometimes I do CNN with Mary Katharine Ham, who blogs at the ultra-conservative I think Ham is really smart, and she's funny, so that blunts the repugnance of many of her views. And Mary Katharine's colleague Amanda Carpenter has been tearing up the airways, because she's been covering the Petraeus hearings. Like Ham, Amanda is young, glamorous and hot, and funny. She's completely NOT what I expect from a radical Conservative. I'm parochial like that. I tend to assume all young, hot, glamorous and funny women are like me (I also have low self-esteem).

But thanks to Denise, I trawled through the blogs of women who don't share my political views, to learn what they think of the Petraeus hearings, and the events of the past few days. I set out to read these ten or so blogs in hopes that I would find some common ground, and that they would be less polemical, snarky, or preachy than some of their male counterparts (and that includes the lefty DailyKos to righty Hugh Hewitt). And hopefully, much less rude than Michelle Malkin.

Funny…the Conservative bloggers I just read wrote less about Petraeus than about 9/11. Their lefty counterparts- I’d say they wrote more about Petraeus. Echoes Obama's claim that holding the Petraeus hearings on 9/10 and 9/11 only perpetuates the myth that Iraq and 9/11 are related.

Sister Toldjah writes, “Congressional Democrats don’t have the courage of their convictions to say that they think the General is a liar themselves, so they let their far left groups speak for them, thinking that somehow people won’t put two and two together and understand that those groups are working together to undermine the Commander in Chief and General Petraeus.”

Amen, sister!

Lawyer Conservative Princess likes Prada, Malkin, and attacks Dennis Kucinich. Sorry, Kucinich is too easy a mark; that’s not true punditry. Next.

Webutante writes “I believe that the surge is working and we should support our troops in every way possible now. I also believe daily prayer for them and our success in Iraq is a powerful tool for us to employ.” I’m sorry, Webutante, but I can’t agree with you. I do, however, wish peace and safety for your friend’s son, serving in Iraq.

Lorie Byrd doesn’t cover Petraeus, but she does ask us to “Stand by the Mission” and support the Victory Caucus , a petition that states “Iraq is now the central front in the War on Terrorism - not because Americans want it to be but because America's enemies have said so and made it so.” Some would say the war effort in Iraq has made it so, but oh well. I wouldn’t want to be called unpatriotic.

GOP Vixen has a button on her blog boasting: “I heart NeoCons.”

Fred Thompson supporter Blonde Sagacity (who looks hot and blonde on her photo) doesn’t mention Petraeus. But she has an allegorical guest post that states:

"Imagine you grew up with a Bully in your neighborhood. At first he just called you names with an occasional stick or stone thrown in for big deal. As the years went by he became more aggressive…. You said you had seen enough, vowed to do something...actually called the Bully and threatened to do something ...but did nothing.

Then he started harassing the neighbors...threatening everybody that wasn't in his small circle of friends. The next thing you know, he shows up at your front door with a gun, shoots you in the leg and flees. Before you had even recuperated he actually drives his car into your house, burning half of it to the ground! And...tells you he'll be back soon to burn the rest down!

That was it. You called the neighbors together, told them you were going to go over to the Bully's house, confront him and put an end to it...once and for all. They all supported you doing it...but they were also afraid.

You actually did it! And a huge fight ensues and goes on for much longer than anyone expected. In is still going on and the neighbors are really getting nervous.

Guess what some of the neighbors and the Democrats say now..."you should have never called him a Bully...and you certainly shouldn't have gone over to his just made him madder."

Laughable isn't it...but true."

Jennifer Gallagher writes (and I assume she’s targeting anti-war folks, here) “We need to show our troops that there are tough Americans that support them and do not falter in their support for their country and the men and women that protect it.”

I hate this line from Conservatives: if one wants an end to the war, one does not support the troops? That is pure propaganda.

Some more Conservative voices:
Thompson supporter:
An American Front Porch:

“Since when was the American Dream defined by one’s status as a home owner or not?” Smart.

Now, one and a half libertarians worth reading:

Megan McCardle (also at) Asymetrical Information responds to this question:” just because we haven't experienced tragedy does not prove we are doing things right,” thusly”

Who knows, perhaps it is that our security folks have really Gotten Serious and are catching all sorts of terrorists. But it seems to me that the more likely explanation is this: we don't have as many Muslims as Europe, and these days, we're letting in a lot fewer than we used to. And the Muslims we do have are, by and large, much better integrated than those in Europe.

I'm very fond of America's policy towards immigrants, which is to say, we don't have one. No one will try to force you to assimilate, but no one's going to help you keep from assimilating either. This policy of benign neglect considerably alleviates both sorts of Muslim/Christian tension found in Europe: the populations that have been positively encouraged not to see themselves as part of the larger culture, and the populations that feel their traditions are under attack.

ok, I can see that.

More libertarians:
I liked Atheist Hussy