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CNN Highlights Palin impersonators FROM YOUTUBE.COM

BY stevegarfield | Tuesday, September 16 2008

CNN reports:Tina Fey may be the best but she's far from the ONLY Sarah Palin impersonator. CNN's Jeanne Moos rounds up the imposters.CNN has a piece about Sarah Palin impersonators, and posts links to most of the videos as 'FROM YOUTUBE.COM.'

You'll notice that when CNN displays video from NBC they show a graphic that says, 'Saturday Night Live from NBC', or 'Nightline From NBC News.'

They do add a graphic for Funny or Die, but regular YouTube comedians don't get credit.

Can we get some link backs to the YouTube comedians?

This is a good example of why you'd want to put your brand on your videos. When you watch this piece, how many videos would you be able to find?
Saturday Night Live from NBC <- CNN added this
FROM YOUTUBE.COM <- This time you can see the Lisa Nova graphic
From <- CNN added this
Sarah Palin Gangsta Rap <- No URL
Nightline From NBC News <- CNN added this
From <- CNN added this

Some of the videos that CNN did not provide a direct link to:

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