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Clinton 2 Target Txters

BY Justin Oberman | Monday, May 14 2007

The New York Post is reporting that Hillary Clinton will anounce today a “mobile-to-mobile text-messaging push” to garner support for her presidential campaign.

She will unviell her mobile-to-mobile text-messaging push on the steps of the state Capitol during her noon endorsement rally with Gov. Spitzer.

According to the Post “Clinton’s text-messaging initiative targets the 230 million American cellphone users - a sign the campaign is hunting for every possible vote in her bitter battle with rival Sen. Barack Obama.”

I am not sure what the campaign entails but I already do not like the use of the word "push" when it has anything to do with mobile. Its very important to remember that mobile is a pull medium, its the very personal nature of the phone that makes it so.

This is why I have been a minor fan of what Jon Edwards has been doing with mobile already...

But I guess we will just have to wait and see...

I guess it’s only a matter of time before campaign ringtones are sold. ;-)