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The Chairman and His Morse Code

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, December 16 2010

Just when you thought that it simply could not get geekier, Politico's Tony Romm reports that about an hour ago Rep. Greg Walden announced that he's taking over the House's Communications, Technology and the Internet Subcommittee by tweeting it out in Morse code.

This Morse Code Translator does a pretty good job with the Oregon Republican's tweet, rendering it, "Will chair Comm and Tech Sub 73S W7EQI." Romm reports that the last set of characters refers to Walden's amateur radio call sign. (Oh wait, it just got geekier.)

Walden's tweet is perhaps just goofy good fun, but one might suggest that it points to something that's often missing from debates over whether Twitter trivializes Congress, or makes Congress transformatively transparent, or some other variation on the topic. At least as far as politicians who genuinely tweet themselves goes, the medium seems capable of opening up a little window unto their individual personalities -- quirks and all -- for whatever that might be worth.