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Calling All Tech-Politics Writers: techPresident is Taking Pitches

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, June 1 2011

Yes, it's true. Despite our best efforts to convince Nancy Scola, techPresident's associate editor for the last three years, that there was nothing better than lifetime employment with Personal Democracy Forum, she will be soon leaving us, as she explains here. Our loss is the world's gain. I'm going to save the encomium for her official last day, June 10th. But as Nancy knows full well, we are already anticipating missing her presence even as we know that she'll still be out there continuing to contribute to the roiling conversation about technology, politics, government and civic life in changing times that is the beating heart of PdF.

And so today's news sparks an opportunity for those of you out there who want to step up further into that conversation. We're looking for freelance writers who want to write feature-length articles (i.e. 750 to 2000 words) for techPresident on any aspect of the nexus of topics we cover: online politics, digital activism, open data, we-government, social media, and tech policy. We're also especially interested in pieces that describe the "how" of using these tools, if you will, the "news you can use" for people who work in government or advocacy. We'll pay you real fees for your writing; this isn't some news aggregator site. And depending how things go, you could be our next full-time writer, joining Nick Judd, who is moving up to associate editor as he expands his ongoing blogging for techPresident.

If you are interested in writing for us, pitch me directly at msifry-at-gmail-dot-com. Include clips and links. And if you're wondering further what we're looking for, just look at Nancy's stellar record.