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Bringing the Old Field Team Back Together Again

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, October 5 2010

Image credit: Xavier Lopez-Ayala

Xavier Lopez-Ayala picks up on some savvy Facebook ad work by Tommy Sowers, the Democratic nominee in Missouri's 8th congressional district. The Sowers campaign is running get-out-the-vote advertisements customized, it seems, to target people on Facebook whose backgrounds include having worked for the Obama campaign in the 2008 race. (Lopez-Ayala was the Obama campaign's new media director in Minnesota.) One of Sowers' ads reads, "Calling all OFA/CFC team." Another reads, "Nov. 4, 2008. You know where you were. Where will you be on Nov 2, 2010?"

The ad links to a page recruiting '08 Obama for America staffers to come work their field magic in southeastern Missouri, where Sowers is running to unseat Republican Rep. Jo Ann Emerson. "You campaigned for change in 08," reads the page. "Now I need you to GOTV in MO-08 and help me take back the home of Rush Limbaugh."

Team Sowers' knows its audience here. The "CFC" used freely in the ads and landing page stands for Campaign for Change, the state party vehicles through which many Obama field staffers were paid in 2008 but that aren't a familiar entity to many other folks.