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Biding the Time Before the Caucuses

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, January 3 2008

There’s lots of activity online today as Iowa voters and the other 99% of the country — you know, that tiny sliver of the population that doesn’t get to decide who the nominees are — gear up for today’s caucuses.

I get the feeling that, in the absence of real, physical data about the results, we keep coming up with new ways to fill the void. The folks at Hitwise have found that Barack Obama is getting more traffic to his site from voters in Iowa and New Hampshire than any other candidate, receiving 31% more traffic than Hillary Clinton in Iowa and 18% more in New Hampshire.

Brave New Films and Air America’s Young Turks are co-hosting a liveblog all day long using my favorite liveblogging software, Cover It Live. Jim Gilliam is in charge of liveblogging duties; they’ll also be featuring live coverage via video starting at 7pm ET, with the Young Turk’s Cenk Ugyur. Right now they’re running a poll and engaging in a bunch of idle chatter in preparation for tonight.

One cool link Gilliam pointed to early on: a Google Maps mashup that will show the results of the caucuses in real time. As far as we can tell It was created by the Google folks themselves, though they haven’t advertised it at all. and it's detailed here.

Easily the most entertaining time waster is Kung-Fu Election, an online game that, while adding absolutely nothing to the political conversation, is a good way to twiddle your thumbs before the caucus results start trickling in.

It’s basically Mortal Kombat for politics, with completely ridiculous costumes and bodies on which the candidates’ heads rest.

Here’s me as John Edwards fighting Mitt Romney:

romneykungfu" title="">

Hillary Clinton:

Rudy Giuliani:

Mike Huckabee:

John McCain:

Barack Obama: