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Bernstein Tackles Open for Questions' Econ Qs

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, April 10 2009

The White House is taking a third bite at the apple, answering still more questions generated by its Open for Questions experiment from a few weeks back. You'll remember that after President Barack Obama responded to questions asked of him on the Internet in a live town hall, the presidential conch shell was passed to staff. Kareem Dale, the president's point person on disability policy, tackled a health care question having to do with the challenges the disabled face in keeping their insurance coverage when getting a job. This time, Joe Biden's economist Jared Bernstein is on the White House blog answering also-ran questions on returning manufacturing to the United States, military spending, and the wisdom of paying down the national debt -- you know, stuff he actually knows a few things about. It's encouraging to see the White House appreciate the idea that Americans might just be thoughtful enough to want to hear from policy experts, not just presidents.