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An Assortment of Responses from the YouTube CNN Debate

BY David All | Friday, November 30 2007

After the YouTube-CNN Debate, I spent some time in the "Spin Room" talking with folks about their thoughts on the Republican debate. (I did the same thing at the Democratic YouTube debate earlier this year.)

Below, find short vlogs from Ron Paul, Duncan Hunter, Patrick Ruffini, Robert Bluey, Mary Katharine Ham, James Kotecki, Jose Antonio Vargas, Meghan McCain, Charlie Smith, and, wait for it... Chuck Norris.


First out of the gate, I asked Ron Paul about the "Money Bomb" on November 5 where he raised $4.38M in 24 hours from his supporters. Further, it sounds like another "Money Bomb" is scheduled for December 16. Video:

Meghan McCain of McCainBloggette. I first blogged about the launch of Meghan's group blog back in October. Video:

Congressman Duncan Hunter commits to a YouTube election for the General Election if he's our respective nominee:

Mary Katharine Ham of Video:

Patrick Ruffini reacts. Video:

Jose "Above-the-Fold" Antonio Vargas of the Washington Post reacts:

Robert Bluey weighs in and notes very few questions on health care. Video:

James Kotecki of the weighs in. Video:

Charlie Smith, National Chairman of the College Republicans, weighs in:

Last, but certainly not least, Chuck Norris:

(Sorry about the camera angle. I was looking at Chuck and avoiding his jabs to my stomach -- seriously. If you don't believe me, watch Patrick Ruffini's video from a different angle which shows the kidney blows.)

I'm crossing my fingers that I'll have another round of videos for you after the YouTube debate for the General Election (sans CNN, of course).

(Crossed with a smile at TechRepublican)