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Announcing techPresident's Politickr

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, June 25 2007

Are you tired of constantly checking the candidates' blogs or consulting your feed reader to stay on top of their activities and whereabouts? Wishing there was a place where all of that info is aggregated in one spot? Well, so were we. That's why present to you techPresident's Politickr. Politickr is a new feature that combines official blog posts, news feeds, photo streams, and video posts from the declared and prospective 2008 presidential candidates (plus some unannounced wild cards and third-party sites) and presents them side by side.

Not only is Politickr a handy way to view news and posts from the candidates in a single glance, but it also makes it easy to for you to subscribe to any of those content streams. It also features word frequency clouds that are generated by a content analysis of candidates' and parties' blogs and news feeds. Some interesting discoveries so far: the word "Dad" is one of Mitt Romney's most popular; Joe Biden uses the phrase "hawkeye state" about as often as he uses "Joe Biden."

Go to to check it out. Feel free to send us your comments and suggestions, and stay tuned for more features.

A big thanks to Michael Whitney, who developed the Politickr idea, and to Shai Sachs for his development help.