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100,000 Unique Live Readers Made 100,000 Comments During Health Care Summit on CoverItLive Platforms

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, February 26 2010

Yesterday's health care summit was also a very big day for CoverItLive, the Toronto company that provides easy-to-use and highly versatile live-blogging widgets that have become the industry go-to for high volume live events. Keith McSpurren, the company's CEO, tells me that across the many sites that used CiL to host discussions about the health care summit, "about 100,000 unique live readers made around 100,000 live comments during the events." He adds:

Larger users were the following (some of them take down events after Live is over...but most leave the replays up and drive readership there as well):

Newt Gingrich:


Fox News:

Sunlight Foundation:

America Blog:

The Hill:

Washington Post: