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Daily Digest: Twitter Giveth, And Twitter Taketh Away

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, March 21 2008

Twitter claims its first victim; Obama dominates YouTube; small donors play a big part in the presidential, not so much in smaller races; Obama Girl does *not* win a YouTube video award; despite sharing dip and nachos ... Read More

Daily Digest: A Giant Wave of Wrong

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, January 10 2008

Journalists, bloggers, pollsters, and pundits flagellate themselves for being so wrong about New Hampshire; Glenn Greenwald calls the media "adolescent, coddled narcissists"; one blogger thinks Memeorandum is the best ... Read More

Daily Digest: Who is the Godliest Candidate?

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, January 2 2008

The MySpace Primary launches, underwhelms; James Kotecki asks why Ron Paul's supporters are overwhelmingly male; a new bumper crop of bloggers rises in Iowa; a new pro-Huckabee group attacks Mitt Romney; the God-o-Meter ... Read More

Daily Digest: MySpace Says Young People Dig Politics

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, December 13 2007

A MySpace poll of their users claims that young people are perhaps more politically engaged than older generations; WaPo profiles John McCain, makes another tag cloud; the Slashdot community interviews Garrett Graff, ... Read More

Someone's Hijacked Rudy's Tweets!

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, November 21 2007

Blogger Blue NoVA subscribes to all of the candidates’ Twitter accounts, and today he noticed a doozy from the Giuliani campaign: “i wish someone from my campaign would actually use this,” ... Read More

Who Will Be America's First techPresident? Grading the Democrats

BY Editors | Tuesday, November 20 2007

Who will be America's first techPresident? It's time to grade the candidates on their understanding of the power of the internet to transform America's future. We start with the Democratic field... Read More

Enough with the Fighting Metaphors

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, November 16 2007

It's time to move away from a debate system that limits the candidates' interaction with each other, insults the public, and reduces press coverage to a jumble of bar-fight metaphors. Read More

Richardson Fires Off His Own Stripped Down Email

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, October 24 2007

Today Bill Richardson sent out an email touting a Zogby poll suggesting that Richardson is the most likely Democratic candidate to beat a Republican in the general election. It was formatted very simply, with no ... Read More

Daily Digest: 10/23/07

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, October 23 2007

The Politico launches a young voter-themed sub-site; Debate Porridge calls the campaigns on a Saturday and finds that most of them aren't working; interesting numbers about the effectiveness of campaigns' web ... Read More

Best Political Web Videos of the Week

BY Editors | Friday, September 28 2007

It’s that time again when we take a look at our favorite political videos of the week. Some are produced by the campaigns, some are about the campaigns, and some have nothing to do with the campaigns. But in our ... Read More