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In Canada, Online Campaign to Protest Gov't's Digital 'Snooping Bill' Turns Nasty

BY Elisabeth Fraser | Wednesday, December 5 2012

MP Charmaine Borg outside of Canada's parliament (credit: Max Walker)

In Canada the issue of online privacy has become contentious, with experts, law enforcement officials, and legislators sharply divided. Bill C-30, formally called the Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act, was tabled in the House of Commons in February. The bill proposes expanding police powers so that telecoms and Internet Service Providers would be required to turn over subscriber data without a warrant. The opposition responded with a furious online campaign that took a bizarre turn into the realm of personal attacks. Read More

Canada Considering Legislation That Would Give Police Power to Monitor Internet Users Without a Warrant

BY Lisa Goldman | Monday, July 23 2012

In February of this year, Canada's ruling Conservative party introduced Bill C-30, legislation that would give police the right to demand subscriber data from ISPs without having to obtain a warrant. The bill languished for a few months, but now its many opponents fear it is about to be revived. Read More