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No Offense: Apple Un-Approves 'Gay-Alternative' App

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, March 23 2011

Annnnd...there goes Exodus International's "freedom from homosexuality" app. had 150,000 signatures on their petition. Apple offers more of a peek into its motivation than it has in the past, ... Read More

Plea Made to Apple Over 'Gay Alternative' App

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, March 21 2011

Another dust-up over Apple Inc. allowing a potentially objectionable app into the iTunes store, this time one from Exodus International geared towards "freedom from homosexuality." has a petition of ... Read More

A Spot of Tech with the PM's Toast

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, October 14 2010

From the UK Conservatives' Flickr feed: "The Prime Minister David Cameron has a piece of toast and checks the web on an iPad." Read More

Senate GOP Campaign App Now with Foursquare and More

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, September 23 2010

The National Republican Senatorial Committee announces that it has today released the latest build of its iPhone, iPad, and iPod app, an upgrade that adds some greater interactivity to the last iteration. Read More

Why You Can't Have a Moneybomb App

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, September 21 2010

Photo credit: Florian Leroy Read More

Democrats Release iPhone and iPad Apps

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, June 24 2010

Now you never need be disconnected from the Democratic Party. The Democratic National Committee and Organizing for America launched today iPad and iPhone apps. Read More

The iPad Has Fans in the White House

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, June 10 2010

And yet, reports, the Washington Post's Michael Shear, the Apple device "has hardly helped President Obama change the way Washington works." More here. Read More

iPad Politics

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, February 1 2010

The morning-after reaction on the ultimate utility of the iPad has been distinctly mixed. But at least the new device from the mind of Steve Jobs is proving politically useful. The iPad's 3G network connection, when ... Read More