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Pushback Against Corruption In Philippines Continues With Gov't Hackathon

BY Jessica McKenzie | Monday, October 28 2013

The Philippines government is sponsoring a two-day hackathon early next month as part of an attempt to reform government and reduce corruption. Less than two months ago the country was rocked by a corruption scandal implicating three senators, two former lawmakers, and a businesswoman for misuse of state funds totaling more than US$200 million. The central government will provide data for the #KabantayNgBayan (Guardians of the Nation) hackathon, which will encourage the development of apps that encourage citizens to monitor and participate in government.

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Transparency Tracker Encourages Aid Orgs to Release Data

BY Jessica McKenzie | Friday, July 12 2013

Publish What You Fund will release their 2013 Aid Transparency Index in October, but they already have some information available from their new Aid Transparency Tracker, launched earlier this year. The Tracker uploads information from the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), and then based on whether the organization has published or has the intention to publish, ranks them 'Ambitious,' 'Moderately ambitious,' and 'Unambitious.'

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How Technology Is and Isn't Helping Fight Corruption in India

BY David Eaves | Tuesday, May 28 2013

Sunil Abraham (photo: David Sasaki/Flickr)

Launched in 2010, I Paid a Bribe has become a staple example of a tool that uses the Internet to help regular citizens fight corruption. A platform that allows people in India to report where and when they were asked to bribe a public official, it quickly drew international acclaim. But technology isn't a cure-all. In an interview with David Eaves, Center for Internet & Society founder Sunil Abraham explains how I Paid a Bribe — and other Internet-driven efforts — help, and where they might hurt, anti-corruption initiatives. Read More


New Web Platform Allows Students in Kenya, Uganda to Report Corrupt Professors

BY Jessica McKenzie | Monday, May 6 2013

Screengrab from

Students in Kenyan and Ugandan universities now have an outlet to anonymously report professors and university personnel for corrupt activities or ineffective and lazy work. Read More

Vietnamese Blogger's Mother Sets Herself On Fire Ahead of Daughter's Trial, Reports Say

BY Nataliya Nedzhvetskaya | Monday, August 6 2012

Three political bloggers will be brought to trial tomorrow in Ho Chi Minh City on charges of "distorting the truth" and "denigrating the part and state," AFP reports. If convicted the bloggers could serve up to 20 years in jail. Read More


Hoping to Help Curb Corruption in Morocco by Mapping It Online

BY Hanna Sistek | Wednesday, May 30 2012

Illustration: kentoh via Shutterstock

Tarik Nesh-Nash conceived of and became part of the team that built Mamdawrinch, a just-launched site to map incidents of bribery in Morocco. Built with Transparency Maroc, the Moroccan chapter of Transparency International, the site tackles what Nesh-Nash says is an "endemic" problem in the North African country. Transparency International ranks perception of corruption in Morocco as about as bad as it is in Greece and Columbia, but slightly better than in India. ("Mamdawrinch" means "we will not bribe" in Moroccan dialect.) The focus, says Nesh-Nash, is on the petty corruption that has become part of everyday life in Morocco. "I wanted to open up the debate on the topic," says Nesh-Nash. Read More

Indian Gov't Official Turns Lens On Himself

BY Nick Judd | Monday, July 18 2011

A top government official in the Kerala state in the southwestern portion of India has launched a webcam in his office in an effort to create a culture of transparency, the New York Times' Vikas Bajaj reports. Kerala's ... Read More