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Independent Voters of America Launches, Dumping on Both Parties

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, May 30 2012

Screenshot from "The Same Old Political Crap" video by Independent Voters of America's Bill Hillsman

Just when Democrats and Republicans probably thought the two-party duopoly was safe from challenge for another election cycle, along comes veteran ad-man and trouble-maker Bill Hillsman with an audacious scheme: give independent voters a gathering place online, and let them decide what happens next. Read More

Roemer to Americans Elect: Thanks Anyway

BY Nick Judd | Friday, May 18 2012

Americans Elect announced recently that it would suspend its online candidate selection process, leaving organizations in several states with an open slot on the ballot. Naturally, potential candidate Buddy Roemer is not enthused. "I am taking the next few days to review with supporters how best to proceed from here," he says. Read More

Americans Don't Elect to Use Americans Elect; 3rd Party Hits Wall?

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, May 14 2012

Is Americans Elect, the third ballot line cum party that hoped to use the Internet to nominate a centrist ticket for president in 2012 dead? It certainly looks that way. But before anyone starts writing the post-mortem, remember that it has ballot lines in half the states--and those could be used by renegade factions in 2012, or possibly in 2014 to run candidates for Congress. Read More

[OP-ED] Americans Elect: They Built It, And Nobody Came

BY David Karpf | Friday, May 4 2012

David Karpf: Americans Elect suffers from the "Field of Dreams Fallacy." Photo: Ron Cogswell

Op-ed contributor David Karpf writes: "Via DailyKos, Americans Elect has postponed their online "caucuses" for a month. I'm going to go ahead and call this one a failure. If the mainstream media blitz and SXSW awards of the past year haven't generated enthusiasm, it isn't going to appear out of the ether in the 11 days between now and May 15th first "caucus." What's more, Americans Elect is evidence of a common misunderstanding of Internet politics. Elsewhere, I've termed this the 'Field of Dreams Fallacy.'" Read More

Buddy Roemer to Seek Americans Elect 3rd Party Presidential Nomination

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, November 30 2011

The 2012 presidential election just got a lot more interesting. Former Louisiana governor and long-shot Republican presidential candidate Buddy Roemer has announced that he will seek the nomination of the Americans Elect ... Read More