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Honoring Spirit and Idealism of Aaron Swartz at Memorial Hackathon

BY Jessica McKenzie | Monday, November 11 2013


After Aaron Swartz's death on January 11, 2013, activists around the world gathered and held spontaneous hackathon's in his honor. They were informal and lacked central organization, which was fine at the time, but months later friends and colleagues of Swartz's wanted to know what had happened at those events, and if any of the participants would be interested in another one. The Aaron Swartz Memorial Hackathon began at Friday, November 8—what would have been Swartz's 27th birthday—in New York City, as well as in 19 other cities around the world, from Amsterdam to Zagreb.

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For Activists, the Syrian Internet Hasn't Gone Dark — It's Just a Dark Place

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, July 13 2011

Fear of Syrian government retaliation against people who use social media to find and coordinate protests is now keeping Syrians off those platforms, Reuters reports: I am too scared to speak about my political activity ... Read More