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At Republican National Convention, Romney's Digital Director Hints At New App

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, August 30 2012

On a public Google Hangout Thursday afternoon, Mitt Romney's digital director, Zac Moffatt, announced that the campaign will soon roll out an event app that will handle event ticketing and provide a "social" component by pulling in Twitter and Facebook posts during a several-hour period around events. The upcoming app is not the only thing Team Romney has been up to. Over the weekend, the campaign rolled out "Victory Wallets," an analog to the one-click donations feature Barack Obama's campaign and the software firm Blue State Digital released earlier this year. Read More

The Conventions, As Viewed Through Foursquare Check-Ins

BY Miranda Neubauer | Tuesday, August 28 2012 has launched an interactive Foursquare map for both the Republican and Democratic conventions that will highlight updates from newsmakers, media and convention attendees as they check in to Tampa and Charlotte. The map will also track trending places and help to showcase Time's guide to each convention. The RNC map is available on Time's website. Read More

The Digital Pros to Meet at the Republican National Convention

BY Sarah Lai Stirland and Nick Judd | Monday, August 27 2012

Photo: Joshua Barajas / PBS NewsHour

Exclusively for Personal Democracy Plus subscribers: By the end of Monday Tampa, Fla., will be full up with Republicans planning to converge on its Tampa Bay Times Forum for their national convention. Among the scores of convention delegates, lobbyists, political operatives and campaigning candidates will be a host of digital campaigners — both longtime pros in the emerging field and up-and-comers hoping to ply their trade.

For Personal Democracy Plus subscribers, here's the beginning of what could be a far longer list of digital pros going to Tampa this week and worth seeking out for coffee or a beer — just a few of the names you might know, or should know, when it comes to the right's digital communications. We did our best to prime the pump with a mix of people who you might already know from CNN and people who have been working busily behind the scenes.

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Google To Provide Live Streaming and Social Networking Services To Republican National Convention

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Friday, April 13 2012

Republicans will be using YouTube and Google+ to live stream events online from the Republican National Convention in Florida this summer, the convention's organizers announced on Friday. Read More