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Republican Party's Technology Revival Hopes Hinge On Data and Data Analysis

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, February 7 2013

Republicans using GOP Data Center, the RNC's centralized voter database, logged about 80.5 million voter contacts during the 2012 election, mostly in battleground states. That includes 14.5 million door-knocks in battleground states and another 900,000 in highly competitive races outside of the presidential battleground, according to Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer.
The numbers confirm what Republicans already know: They were whalloped in 2012. In the Obama campaign's "Legacy Report," campaign officials claim volunteers contacted voters nearly twice as often as their Republican counterparts did — about 150 million times. (That number includes volunteer recruitment and voter turnout attempts.) Read More

Through Email, No Shortage of Romney Campaign Messengers

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, August 30 2012

Watching my email address get passed around from conservative political organization to conservative political organization has been something of a hobby since the Republican primary election ended. List-swapping, in which one campaign lends another the use of their email list, has been a common practice this year. But today it looks as though the Romney campaign is the primary beneficiary: I received the same Romney campaign email twice but from two different lists that aren't Mitt Romney's, and a third email from the campaign itself. Read More

How "Women for Romney" Use Facebook in the Search for Viral Success

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Thursday, July 26 2012

Gina Maddox, a self-employed communications consultant and a self-described moderate Republican, is passionate about GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. So passionate, in fact, that she's used Facebook gone beyond her role as county co-chair of his election effort in Florida's Santa Rosa County to extend the reach of her activities beyond the Florida Panhandle, helping like-minded Republican women to connect with each other both nationally and locally. Maddox is the founder of Women for Romney 2012 on Facebook, a group that describes itself as a grassroots network of supporters not associated with the campaign or any political action committee. It's also the latest example of political activists turning to one particular tool — private Facebook pages — as a low-impact way to organize largely outside of public view. Read More

Inside Mitt Romney's Digital Mind

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, January 19 2012

From the rise of voters who can only be reached online to increased use of mobile devices and social media, Zac Moffatt recently spoke to Atlantic correspondent Nancy Scola about what it's like running digital for the campaign that now seems poised to confront Barack Obama for the presidency. Read More

From YouTube to Facebook, New Digital Targeting Helps Romney Campaign Reach Voters

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Thursday, December 22 2011

Mitt Romney's preroll ad on a Bloomberg clip playing on YouTube in Iowa

Mitt Romney's campaign team has carefully planned a digital ad blitz over the year as it hunts for voters in every virtual nook and cranny in the emerging post-live television world, and is now blanketing Iowa in targeted online ads that use just about every new trick in the Internet marketing playbook. Read More

Romney 2012: "Corporations are People" Beating "If You Want Higher Taxes, Vote Obama" Online

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, August 12 2011

Last night, about 90 minutes before the start of the Republican presidential candidates debate in Iowa, the Mitt Romney campaign sent out an email to its list entitled, "Mitt's Iowa Moment." The email had three purposes: ... Read More

Romney's Digital Director on Being Senior Staff

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, June 2 2011

Zac Moffatt; video still via Targeted Victory ClickZ's Kate Kaye talks with Zac Moffatt, the digital director for Team Romney. Moffatt told Kaye about the importance of having a digital campaign lead who is an in-house ... Read More