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From Cat Videos to Campaign Coverage: AJR on BuzzFeed

BY Miranda Neubauer | Wednesday, January 25 2012

The American Journalism Review took a closer look at how former Politico writer Ben Smith is growing the news aggregation site BuzzFeed. He joined the site as editor-in-chief last month. As AJR reports, he has been shifting the site's focus more towards original content and hiring new staff members, with coverage of the 2012 election campaign playing a key role.

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Romney Online, By the Numbers

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, January 9 2012

The stats in Mitt Romney's newly released infographic are impressive-looking, but they're actually not that big a deal. A little reverse-engineering of the math embedded in that statement suggests that people are spending about 42 seconds per page view on the Romney site. This is respectable but not particularly high. Jim Pugh, the former director of analytics and development for Organizing for America, told me that "a time of 40 seconds is pretty average for political sites." Read More

Santorum Campaign Using to Crowd-Source $-Raising

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, January 9 2012

While Rick Santorum's campaign may have left some money on the table on the night of their Iowa caucus near-victory, they're trying to recoup with a "money-bomb" that is leaning heavily on the social fundraising platform As of now they have almost 2,600 people raising money through the site, and they've collectively brought in almost $240,000. Read More

Jon Huntsman Throws A Hail Mary Pass On Twitter

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Thursday, January 5 2012

Jon Huntsman's campaign has been running a social media initiative that encourages supporters to send out canned campaign messages with specific hash tags on behalf of their candidate. The goal is to have supporters send out at least a thousand tweets a day containing the terms "@JonHuntsman," "Jon Huntsman," "#Jon2012," and "#JointheHunt." Is he asking supporters to scream into the wind, or growing his profile in a meaningful way? Read More

On MSNBC, Connecting Romney to the KKK Was a Link Too Far

BY Miranda Neubauer | Thursday, December 15 2011

MSNBC apologized yesterday after it referred to a comment on a liberal blog connecting a Mitt Romney statement to the KKK without further elaboration, the New York Times reported. In at least one recent campaign speech, Romney had stated that "We have on one side a president who wants to transform America into a European-style nation, and you have on other hand someone like myself that wants to turn around America and keep America American with the principles that made us the greatest nation on Earth." The left-leaning AMERICAblog had noted with regards to those comments that the phrase had in the past been used by the KKK. As the Times reported, MSNBC was among other news outlets that picked up the story. Read More