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Alaska's Joe Miller Postdates His Tweets

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, September 30 2010

Joe Miller, Alaska's Republican nominee for the Senate has attracted attention today for tweeting in a manner that Steny Hoyer might call "measuring the chair." Read More

An Evening with Facebook and Politico

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, September 29 2010

More in this theme of tech companies' DC outposts hosting political events in the run-up to the mid-terms, Facebook and Politico are teaming up for an October 25th evening event to examine "the innovative ways ... Read More

Senate GOP Campaign App Now with Foursquare and More

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, September 23 2010

The National Republican Senatorial Committee announces that it has today released the latest build of its iPhone, iPad, and iPod app, an upgrade that adds some greater interactivity to the last iteration. Read More

Christine O'Donnell, the Server Time-Out Page

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, September 20 2010

Hang on, here's an addendum to that last post. As @msrpotus points out, Christine O'Donnell's relaunched post-primary website at is down at the moment. Read More

Tweeting for Jobs

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, September 9 2010

The campaign of Manan Trivedi, the Democratic nominee in Pennsylvania's 6th District, is having some fun fleshing out their argument that Republican opponent Rep. Jim Gerlach lacks a job plan by highlighting a ... Read More

Clearing the Cache: Creating a Memester

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, August 20 2010

Photo credit: NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center Read More